Health Guarantee

Here at Sulpher Creek Kennels we take great pride in raising and selling healthy puppies. We would like to tell you that health issues do not occur, but that is just not true. Things happen that we can not control such as genetics. We can control things like food, exercise, and general care of you puppy. In the unlikely event of a genetic health issue, we have your back.

We take many steps to ensure the puppy you are welcoming into your family is as healthy as possible. Our puppies will be up to date on worming and vaccinations. We also closely examine both parents pedigree and health records. In an effort to eliminate hereditary diseases. We also recommend you have your vet check your puppy within 48 hours of arrival to ensure it is still healthy and happy.

Our Part

  1. In the unforeseen death or life altering event of one of your puppies within a year from the date of their birth due to hereditary or genetic disorders we will replace it with a puppy of equal value. The only cost you will inquire is the travel cost or shipping. The cause of death has to be determined by a licensed veterinarian and a second opinion can be requested by Sulpher Creek Kennels at a vet of our choice in your area.
  2. The death of a puppy due to a genetic disorder within the second year, you will receive a 50% credit (of the original purchase price) toward a puppy of equal value. Cause of death must be determined by a licensed veterinarian and a second opinion can be requested by Sulpher Creek Kennels of a vet of our choice in your area.

Your Part

  1. Continue deworming until 15 weeks of age or until your vet advises.
  2. Regular vet examinations and immunizations. Discuss exercise and diet with your vet.
  3. Send us copies of medical records within 5 working days performed by a licensed veterinarian with I.D number (microchip number) to ensure your guarantee.


  1. Failure to provide regular veterinary care will void this guarantee.
  2. We will not provide replacement for dogs determined to be over-weight as this is normally caused by poor diet or lack of exercise.
  3. Sulpher Creek Kennels will not be responsible for any medical expense incurred, unless prior approval.
  4. Sulpher Creek Kennels will not cover the expense of neutering or spaying.
  5. Sulpher Creek Kennels cannot guarantee your puppies’ size, temperament, weight, markings, color, breeding ability or disposition.
  6. This guarantee is only in effect as long as we are in business or otherwise stated.

 Cancellation of Order

A cancellation will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.