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Labradoodles vs. Goldendoodles

Both are friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic in nature with a strong need for a dependable relationship with humans and require almost constant attention. These breeds are very intelligent and quite easily trained due to their obedient, loyal and loving nature. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are a very active breed, enjoying long walks, games and outdoor activities requiring considerable outdoor space. When properly socialized, from a puppy they get along well with small children, other pets and companions due to their eagerness to please their owners. They are also very intelligent and are eager to learn new tasks.

We feel there is very little difference in labradoodles and Goldendoodles personalities, the biggest difference is “HAIR”! F1 Labradoodles will shed little to very little to none. F1 Goldendoodles will shed less. F1 labradoodles do not typically need haircuts because they do not have as much hair. F1 Goldendoodles will require regular grooming and haircuts (the larger you want the hair the more grooming required). Shedding will depend on the final adult coat. Labs do not have long coats, Goldens do. F1 labradoodles get a little shaggy and F1 Goldendoodles are shaggier. The poodle will play a role in the adult coat, curly or straight will determine the doodles coat. (Curly, less shedding- Dallas is a curly poodle.) We breed F1 doodles as we believe further breeding starts to lose desirable traits.

English Cream Golden Retrievers

Also known as white cream Golden Retrievers are highly coveted dogs by families with small children and elderly folks needing a companion. The English cream Golden Retriever is known for their laid back relaxed temperament, high intelligence, incredible loyalty, loving and playful attitude. The white golden breed is associated with the much desired European bloodlines that ensure the highest pedigree for dog shows and future breeding. These dogs are desired by breeders for these reasons:

  1. Great temperament
  2. Sturdy structure
  3. Outstanding health records

The Golden retriever and the English “cream” retriever are both intelligent, friendly, loyal and sturdy, however, the cream or white appear to be more “laid back”. The Golden or yellow colored retrievers were bred in Scotland prior to the mid 1800’s as hunting dogs and calm loyal pets. They were bred to other retrieving breeds such as water spaniels (now extinct) to produce many colors. This type of breeding is where our English Cream Golden Retriever originated. White English Cream Golden retrievers are one of the most desired dogs out there due to their calm temperament, sweet disposition, intelligent and loyal nature.

What is an English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodle?

An English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle is a hybrid breed between a poodle and an English Cream golden Retriever. The “Teddy Bear” is a sweet and loving dog that has become very popular since its development in the 1990’s. This is an amazing breed that will capture your heart and cause you to fall in love resulting in a “must have” attitude. To be a “Teddy bear” it must have English Cream Retriever with a European background and standard Poodle cross.


Teddy Bear = 100% English Cream Golden Retriever X Standard Poodle = “Teddy Bear”

F1B Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X Poodle (75% Poodle/25% Goldendoodle)

F2 Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X F1 Goldendoodle (50% Golden/50% Poodle)

F2B Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X F1B Goldendoodle (62.5% Poodle /37.5% Golden Retriever)

F3 Multi-Gen Goldendoodle = F3 consists of these combinations (Any F2 X F2 =F3)